Focus That Naturally Fits You


Between school, work, family and friends, it can be hard to find a balance. Focalis helps you retain information, stay focused when studying and meet your milestones – while giving you the positive energy to stay motivated and engaged in all areas of life.


You have the drive and determination, Focalis amplifies that motivation and enhances your focus to optimize productivity. Watch as your to-do list becomes covered in check marks and your goals become accomplishments.


Whether you’re training for a marathon, on a professional team or looking to improve your yoga practice, Focalis increases your concentration and boosts energy levels. Easily incorporate it into your daily routine or workout regimen to achieve peak performance.

Improves Focus and Concentration

Helps you see through the clutter and focus on the priorities that matter most. Unlike other natural stimulants and prescriptions, it works with you to stay on task without getting side-tracked. 

Supports Memory and Recall

For those constantly juggling multiple projects, learning new skills or studying to retain new information, Focalis increases memory capacity and is shown to improve long-term recall.

Boosts Clarity and Alertness

Provides sustainable energy that lasts well past the 2 PM slump. Focalis gives your body and mind the jump start it needs to stay motivated throughout the day without the crash or feelings of anxiety brought on by similar products.

100% Natural, Effective Ingredients


Whole green coffee powder is made from unroasted coffee beans that undergo a patented process that turns them into powder. Packed full of healthy fiber, nutrients and natural acids, WGCP delivers caffeine slow and smooth so you never feel jittery.

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Huperzine A

Hupezine A is known as a memory enhancer. Most effective while studying for a test or trying to learn something new. Clinical trials have focused on its ability to protect against age-related declines in memory.

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Citocoline supports more brain pathways than any other nootropic. Cognizin is a patented form of Citicoline shown in human research to boost nueral regeneration, brain energy, attention span, focus & more.

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